Commercial DEsign

You have an office space you need designed, a restaurant, hotel room or any commercial space in hospitality. We can create a plan to design multiple individual spaces or have the same design replicated among many spaces. I have a lot of experience in both high end projects and projects on a modest budget where even Ikea items can be used to transform a space. I have all the tricks in pulling a scheme together just so a quality look is ensured no matter what the budget. For fixed prices and hourly rates, please contact me.


H O W  I T  W O R K S 

Sketch for a meeting room design


- On-site visit in Berlin or skype call (world-wide) 

- Measuring service or step by step measuring and picture guide

- Design brainstorm session using a collaboration board

A concept board for a meeting room refurbishment via my commercial interior design package using eDesign online


- Concept board with material/colour/texture palettes & design elements 

- Design concept feedback session

- Product sourcing and research of furniture & decor

- Design of custom-made furniture solutions

Digital plan for meeting room design


- Delivery of Final Package including: 

       + 3D visualisation

       + Video tour of the proposed design

       + Overhead furniture placement plan

       + Shopping list

       + Set up and styling instructions

+ Strategy of labour for contractors

- Shopping service with exclusive discounts

- Furnishing and decor/styling on-site (this may include travel if not based in Berlin)