Set designer at work in Berlin creating floral installation wall hangings and clouds for event design projects and sculptural designs for a bridal editorial shoot


"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist"

I like to look at the process of set and concept design like a sculptural painting for a reason relating to business.

Whether creating a picture within four walls of interior styling or using floral to paint a scene with texture, the results are the same. The creation of a story through shape, colour and a balance between objects creates the voice of a promotional campaign, branding strategy, marketing tool or event.

An experienced designer will apply traditional methods when following a brief to achieve beauty relatable to a target audience like understanding lifestyle, hero points and current market trends.

When creating my own concepts, I like to show that both beauty and curiosity can seduce a viewer in equal measure by using non-conventional methods to achieve intrigue.

I work in the fields of photo production for editorial or promotional campaigns, event design and visual display. I am a lover of all things floral but enjoy all ideas and possibilities and hope to hear some of yours. 

You can choose from my photo productionvisual display and event design packages or contact me to arrange a package to suit you.

Set design and styling for product interior photography in the photo studio in Berlin. A body of work that challenges the notions of lifestyle and product placement