This package is for people who need interior design advice and are looking for help until the very end. You want me to take over all aspects of the design process so you can walk into your curated room at the end without any hassle of ordering or setting everything in place. No project is too big or small and whether you are looking to design your bathroom, living room or kitchen, I have years of experience that can help realise your vision. The package includes:


H O W  I T  W O R K S   

Mood board for traditional interior design including wood panelling, marble and sofa fabrics


- On-site visit in Berlin (or nearby) 

- Measuring service

- Design brainstorm session using a collaboration board

Concept board for a traditional interior design scheme looking at dark woods like teak and oak for warmth, soft grey wool for luxury and a monochromatic scheme for a clean finish


- Concept board with material/colour/texture palettes & design elements 

- Design concept feedback session

- Product sourcing and research of furniture & decor

- Design of custom-made furniture solutions

3d image for a traditional interior design home office scheme with a wall mounted fold away desk, long matt black wardrobe fixtures, matt black shelving and a daybed to bring in a double function and turn the space into a guest room


- Delivery of Final Package including: 

      + 3D visualisation

      + Video tour of the proposed design

      + Overhead furniture placement plan

      + Shopping list

      + Set up and styling instructions

      + Strategy of labour for contractors

- Shopping service with exclusive discounts

- Furnishing and decor/styling on-site