This service is about installation work displayed in spaces for retail, restaurants and cafés or for events be it a dinner party, summer party or store opening. I use floral a often as a trademark and can come up with concepts that have less perishable materials for long term use or installations that just serve the duration of your event. I also work with a wide range of materials and my degree in Visual Art has informed my construction knowledge and skillset and am happy to hear ideas or to create some for you.


H O W  I T  W O R K S 

Floral cloud for a store opening

Floral cloud for a store opening



- Research of the brand/campaign in hand

- Design brainstorm session using a collaboration board

- Concept board and design concept feedback session

- Measurement service

- Sourcing of all materials

- Creation of installation off site

- Installation of piece on site

Cost is variant on the amount of hours needed for the project according to a standard hourly/day/weekly rate. Please contact me for my pricing and more information.